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About Mrs D’s

cookiesMrs D’s Cookies first opened its doors in 1990 with a simple philosophy – to hand make, bake and distribute delicious cookies using all natural ingredients.

From her shopfront at the Unley Shopping Centre, founder Leonie Davis sold Mrs D’s cookies directly to the public. The team’s daily dedication to the traditional hand-making process would result in a growing demand for Mrs D’s cookies. So when the Unley Shopping Centre closed for redevelopment Leonie was unperturbed and decided to experiment with wholesale distribution of her product.

Mrs D’s successfully launched into wholesale distribution; their first customer being Ditters, a well known and long established South Australian company.

Always thinking and socially aware, Leonie would donate surplus cookies to local hospitals. This action would yield unexpected results. The demand for Mrs D’s cookies grew once again, and to this day Mrs D’s Cookies continues to supply numerous hospitals within South Australia.

baked-in-SAThe increasing demand for cookies and slices meant that Mrs D’s needed to find larger premises to bake. Leonie moved from her own kitchen to a shop in Netley. Before long Mrs D’s would outgrow that small shopfront and the hunt for a new location began. After a couple of temporary locations Leonie decided to purchase her own premises. Mrs D’s final relocation saw her move to Marleston which is where the company still is today.

With an estimated 300 outlets throughout Adelaide, Mrs D’s has developed into a very successful business. Production is 5 days a week and turns out around 2.5 tonne of cookies.

Leonie believes that a business is only as good as its staff. Leonie believes it is such strength and encouragement that enabled Mrs D’s to survive; describing the workplace as a ‘really great family affair’.

Through the support of staff, customers and suppliers Mrs D’s Cookies has successfully evolved into the respected and recognised brand we see today.